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Caravan Park and MHE Valuation

Caravan Park and Manufactured Home Estate Valuation

Are you buying, selling or investing in a caravan park or manufactured home estate (MHE)? Whether you’re considering a freehold or leasehold business, we provide specialist valuation services for caravan parks, MHE and tourist-oriented businesses.

Our experienced industry expert can provide up-to-date information and expert insight about this tightly held industry. With our industry network and specialist knowledge, you can make better-informed commercial decisions and gain a competitive edge.

Our experienced caravan park valuers are highly competent, including in the following areas:

  • Analysing financial records and Benchmarking statistics
  • Understanding market supply and demand dynamics
  • Solving unique and complex problems that often come with specialised assets

Why Choose Us?

Our knowledge of tourism property market drivers is strengthened by our specialist consultants who meet regularly with caravan park owners/operators, financiers, agents and purchasers. That means you can count on professional, up-to-date and accurate valuations as well as expert market insight.

Approved by Major Lenders

We’re proud to be the largest non franchise valuation business in NSW with panel approval for all major lending institutions which allows the borrower greater choice in financing options.

Book a Caravan Park Valuation Consultation Today

Speak with one of our caravan park valuation experts to learn how to:

  • Add value to a caravan park business
  • Prepare a caravan park business for sale
  • Prepare to buy a caravan park business
  • Assess the market rent of a caravan park
  • Compare a caravan park with competitors

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